Wise Musings

TV was on but I wasn't paying much attention as I was busy using my laptop to catch up on some work. Then I heard this unique tune coming on in TV. I looked up and burst out laughing at this funny dance by this Korean singer named Psy. Then I heard that the dance has gone viral on the internet. Just like that, I started noticing Psy appearing in various TV shows including Ellen DeGeneres' show. I simple adore Ellen. I wish to get a chance to meet her some day. But for now, I am inspired to learn the dance.

I'm all for Proposition 37. It will require some foods to be labeled if they contain genetically modified material. We need to know what we are putting into our bodies. That should not be up to companies like Monsanto to decide. As it is, such companies got this stuff out into the food chain with no clearance from anyone. Our government was all "uh.... well... OK... since we're already stuck with it, we'll allow it to continue.....". Hello??? Just because someone thought this up and then created it in the lab does not automatically mean we should just accept it, no questions asked!



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