The nephew has been impressed with Miss Kitty ever since I told him about her.  So he's been wanting to meet a live kitty and make friends.  Well, someone just moved into our neighborhood with a very friendly, laid-back black and white cat.  We don't know exactly who she belongs to (or more accurately, which humans she commands) but she likes our backyard (probably the combo of shade, some bare ground, the vegetable plants with the cool earth around them and the jungle of weeds that love our well-composted soil). I also talk with her and give her rubs whenever I'm out there and she comes over.  So when the nephew came visiting recently, he got to meet my new friend.

When asked what her name is, I said I didn't know.  So he decided she will be called Sally (not sure where this came from although he does like Lightning McQueen and the Cars stories which include the race car Sally...).

After his initial hesitation to touch her, I got him to see that she really likes being petted and rubbed.  Before long, he was following her all around, front or back yard.  As the afternoon cooled, Sally got more playful and would gently pounce on little sticks or wiggling weeds.  Then it must have gotten to be dinner time as she jumped up on the fence next door and walked to the back of the property.  The nephew was ready to walk right into the neighbors backyard to follow her.  I had to put his brakes on.  We'll see her next time, I promised.  He certainly is planning on that.  I'm just not sure he realizes that she is not my cat and won't necessarily appear on demand.  We'll see.

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