Now 4 years old and being more his own man......

The nephew is really enjoying his stuffed animals. We make them do all sorts of crazy things like eat each other, lick each other, hide from each other and from us (how do we really hide a three foot long killer whale?).

We also draw anything and everything on his white board. As soon as the meticulous drawing is done, he erases it and asks for something else to be drawn. Hey, didn't you even take time to see what that last drawing looked like???? So I've learned not to worry too much about how the subject turns out..... just drawing at his command is the key thing here. He especially likes big cats so we do tigers and lions and leopards and cheetahs. Hyenas sneak in there from time to time. When he draws them, they all look the same except some have dots while others get stripes. He makes sure they all have claws and fangs. And he has been impressed with the way the shoulder blades move as these cats walk. So he makes sure the drawing has little upside-down Vs where those shoulder blades should be.

He still loves blowing bubbles so we frequently empty out a bottle whenever we start blowing. I've also learned to buy SMALL bottles so as not to have too much bubble "juice" spread around the floor.

Even though he is still too young to sleep over at our place, we do stay over at his home for a night or two. He always wants to sleep with us. And that often means sleeping in the main bed as that is where he normally sleeps. Dori was the popular TV program to have on before going to sleep but just lately, he has switched to Max and Ruby. (Diego was in there for a very brief time I think.) But he also likes Spiderman and Ironman as those are his picks for Halloween outfits.

He does like his cars and airplanes so we "fly" them around the house (both the cars and airplanes fly!). This also means they end up anywhere and everywhere in the house. crunch! There are a few missing parts for many of these items by now but he doesn't care. They can still fly.

Eating is still a bit of a challenge. He has learned to feed himself most of the time yet will still say "I want you to feed me" when I come over. One way to get him more on his own is to have the challenge of who will finish their food first. I do have to slow down at times so he will "win" but at least that means he is feeding himself with no complaints. And he is growing just fine so he obviously is eating enough. Thank goodness he still prefers his broccoli and greens (trees and leaves as he calls them). Once he get around more kids, that may change. We'll see.

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