"Look at me!" and JUMP.... off the table and onto the floor. So this is why the birthday party was held at a pizza and minature golf establishment, so the five year old and his friends could leap off tables??? Hhhmmmmmm.... Good thing there is carpet on that floor. Racing up and down the eating hall and goofing around the tables helped work up the appetite for the pizza and salad and fruits and cake. And there seemed to be plenty of balloons for those who wanted to take one home. So it was all good.

After eating, some adults took the kids out for the golf while others of us stayed in the cooler building and talked while cleaning up. Then the nephew comes in, looks around a bit and wants me to go outside with him. He wanted to play more golf and said that others were still playing. So we went out looking for the rest of the group only to find none of his friends at any of the holes. And there were no clubs sitting around. So back inside where we found Dad. Turns out the golfing round had ended and all clubs had been returned to the checker. So all that looking around in the hot sun for nothing. But it gave just the two of us time to be together and talk. That's always a good use of time.

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