Well, just took the ornaments off the tree yesterday. We had to wait for the 3-year old nephew to return from an out-of-country trip..... made for one crispy tree! But the 3-year old didn't notice.

Not having seen us for two months, he was a little shy at first. But about 15 minutes later, we were giggling together as usual.

I always need to make sure everything is ready (especially the food) before he comes as there really is no time to cook once he arrives; he expects the two of us to do whatever together for the whole time he is here, even if it is just having me laugh at his antics.

Feeding him was my assignment that evening.... at least then he does eat some versus refusing food from Mom or Dad (that is so everyday!). But they do need to tell him to open up from time to time for me.

I've got to enjoy this while I can as I'll all too soon probably become one of those "icky" adults once he hits puberty. So for now, we learn how to blow bubbles, dripping more of the solution on us and the floor than we blow into bubbles! And he gets to bat at the tree ornaments he can reach then ask why there are so many needles on the floor (why did I bother vacuuming just before they came?). Out of the blue, he decides that 2 of the ornaments will go home with him. I worry he will break them within a day or two but.... oh well, I have more ornaments. And he seems so sincere at the time of wanting them that there is hope they may actually mean something to him.

Just before leaving, he states that I should come home with him. Need to explain (again) that this is where I live but that I will come visit him soon.

I always end up with lots of fun memories of his statements after our visits. This visit's phase was that xxx (fill in the blank) will happen at 6 O'clock. So when he called to say he was coming over, he kept saying that they will be leaving at 6 O'clock even though Dad in the background kept correcting him, stating they would not be able to leave until at least 7 or so. Then at our place around 8:45, we talked about when we would get more "stormy clouds" and his response was it would rain again but at 6 O'clock and, looking at our clock, he stated it was not 6 O'clock now (he could not say what time it was.... just that it was NOT 6 O'clock). So we agreed that is would be raining at 6 O'clock (whenever that next is!). LOL

And so, the tree is now officially retired for the year, its needles falling on the soil in the backyard to feed next summer's veges.

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