I grew up on a farm and so often, people would come out "to the country" and dump unwanted pets.  We would find these confuse, scared, hungry animals wandering along the road or in the fields.  It was very heart-breaking as we could not take them all in. 

People would justify it by saying that the animal should be able to live on its own in the country.  Total BS as these animals are domesticated, therefore, they rely on humans to take care of them.  If these scared critters did try to feed themselves, they were frequently shot by ranchers who were trying to protect their livestock.  And the law is on the ranchers side for defending his property.

And so often, the poor things would get hit by a car or truck (the big milk trucks fly by on the road in front of our place). If they did not die immediately, they would hobble off into the bushes and suffer for hours.

Make sure to spay or neuter your pets people!  And then take care of those you have.  They depend upon you just like young children.  They are NOT wild animals who can fend for themselves!

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