Over history, man has frequently given control of individuals lives to some power.  Kings, rajas, dictators, pundits, governments..... they all have or had some control over the individual and how that life will be lived.  Now we seem to have corporations that control our lives.  And on the global scale.

Why should corporations have more rights than individuals?  Sure, many peole are employed by such and many stockholders depend upon such to perform stupendously no matter what the global economic condition is.  But why have we allowed corporations to commendere the world, deciding the worth of individuals compared to the profit percentage of their bottom line?  Why do these entities get to destroy the usability of large swaths of land for decades to come just to provide the current generation with a few minutes of ultra expensive power, most of which we waste anyway?

Corporations accumulate money which means they buy power; political power, ecomonic power, media power.  People complain about government interfering in their lives so much but the real fear should be how corporations have become so powerful that they control us AND governments.

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