When I was younger, I often heard about elders experiencing a slow decline in health.  Well, it seems that health does not follow a predictable smooth graph downward.  When I was 30, my younger doctor already started blaming "aging" for some health issues I was having.  Say what?  But then, I started feeling better again AND I changed doctors!  But is that right that you hit your health peak in your 20s and there is no real plateau before slipping downward?

I do notice that health can have some big drops along with energetic spikes.  But the time intervals between spikes are getting longer and the average day's health seems to be "slowly declining" so I guess, with statistical smoothing, the general statement from my childhood does apply.  It's just that no one mentioned it would be more like a rollercoaster than a sail downstream!

So I need to tighten my seatbelt for the ride ahead.

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