TV was on but I wasn't paying much attention as I was busy using my laptop to catch up on some work. Then I heard this unique tune coming on in TV. I looked up and burst out laughing at this funny dance by this Korean singer named Psy. Then I heard that the dance has gone viral on the internet. Just like that, I started noticing Psy appearing in various TV shows including Ellen DeGeneres' show. I simple adore Ellen. I wish to get a chance to meet her some day. But for now, I am inspired to learn the dance. The dance and moves may look funny but I have realized that they are not as easy to learn, at least for me. But then, every time I start dancing, it makes my wife laugh. So I will keep trying.

I have run into few videos on the internet so far and hoping that I can learn watching these videos.

By JuNCurry Anh

Psy Teaching The Horse Riding Steps to Michelle Park

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