The nephew is a very loving little man. Besides the excited hugs he delivers when he sees us, he will say "I love you" whenever he feels like it, no particular context needed. Or I'll get a big, sloppy kiss in the middle of some explanation of why he's not wanting to eat right now.  And sometimes while playing, he kisses my hand and then goes on doing whatever.

Another cute example is the other day after running around in the heat, he gets a bath. When Uncle leans over to dry his legs, "SMOOCH!", he's kissed Uncle on the shoulder. And then continues the process of drying off and getting dressed.

I really enjoy the spontaneity, innocence and sweetness.... Don't get me wrong, he can have his moments of tantrum when he's tired or hungry or just not getting his way on something. But overall, he has a good disposition and is very open. I wonder how long we will get to enjoy this "free love" before the restraints of our society kick in and limit his expression.

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