The Olympics have begun.  Such excitement.  Such skill.  Such a level of competition.  Over 200 countries represented AND each one had at least one women competitor.  The USA team has MORE women than men!  Will be great to watch through these next couple of weeks as the various sports are played by the world's top atheletes.

The long awaited opening ceremony seemed to be quite the production but I think is was hard to capture its impressiveness in the TV, at least some of the parts right in the stadium.  It did seem a little slow and disjoint during the early part.  I did like the queen going along with the cheeky arrival stunt.  The grandson's could have actually done that for real.  Highlighting the various positives of the UK was a nice idea and the creation of the rings for the Olympics symbol was enjoyable.  The "doves" on bicycles was graceful imagery.  Wasn't clear how the stadium audience watched the videos that were part of the ceremony or how they linked to/from them to the live activity.

I always love watching the parade of nations with all the excited atheletes.  Many wear native dress or some modification of such.  And they are all so proud to be representing their country, large or small, on this world stage.  It must be an overwhelming feeling, especially for those who are at the Olympics for the first time.

So let's see how it goes.  There will be records made and some will feel heartbreak but I'm sure lifetime memories will be created.  Wish the world had more of this kind of positive interaction.


BTW - Here's some fun times with the USA swim team!!

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