Snapshots are a quick way to record memories in our lives. They remind us of exciting events, letting us relive those times. But they usually don't mean much to other people outside of the taker's family and close friends.

Photography is an art form; painting with light to draw out the feelings of a scene. A fine photograph conveys not only content but emotion. Who can deny the powerful effect of Ansel Adams' work (

Of course, there are modern day artists too. For instance, one can really admire the closeups done by Andiyan Lutfi II ( No matter what the viewer may feel about insects, the images he shows us of these creatures elevates them to a new level of appreciation.

Another current artist is Bill Taitano ( The sensitivity with which he captures his subject really touches the heart and soul. The human images he takes show us their inner selves while the outdoor shots so beautifully capture the wonder of nature.

And taking photography to a different artistic level is Sister Adele ( Here photomontage work really brings together texture and form to create quite a stunning image.

The meaning of most snapshots will fade with time and the passing of those involved in the moment. But the feeling evoked from gazing upon fine photography will stand the test of time. Kudos to those who strive to provide us all with wonderfully beautiful photographs.


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Lady Bug on Sun, 2012-03-04 20:30

Here is another site to see more of Sister Adele's work:

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