So little Miss Sally was spending many hours a day at my place for the last few months.  She would frequently arrive in the morning, scratching at the bottom of the front door (she quickly learned that this was the most guaranteed way to get my attention to open the door).

After asking for food (usually she did not get such as I did not want her to become solely dependent upon getting food here... she still had her primary humans to feed her), she would rub, rub, rub and then settle in for a nice nap.  Then back out for some fresh air and a stretch.  Then back again (asking for food again.... just in case).  The second visit would maybe be a nap or snooping around or playing with a small ball she uncovered early on in her visits.  She would curl up with some part of her body (usually her butt!) against me if I was sitting in the living room.  And then, finally late at night, she would want out to roam the neighborhood or maybe go back to her primary humans.

But about two weeks ago, she just suddenly stopped coming by.  At first I thought maybe she was just making more friends in the area.  But after 5 days, I began to worry.  Is she OK?  Is she hurt somewhere and needs to be found?  Or did she move away?

So I tried going to the house where I presumed her primary human lived.  But no one was home.  And their neighbors where also not home so I could not even ask about anyone having possibly moved.

The next day, went back to the house again (this house's back yard is against part of the backyard here.  It's from where she frequently would appear).  Still no one answered even though there was a vehicle in the driveway.  So knocked next door.  This time someone answered and as I asked about the neighbor, seems most of the family came to the door.  They confirmed that the cat did belong to someone next door who just moved away.

So, Miss Sally is OK.  And she is most likely out making new friends with whom she can hang when her primary humans are at work.  Even though I'm sad to see her gone, I am glad to know she is not in need.  But I do miss hearing the little meow and scratch at the door and, sometimes, it really sounds like maybe she is there.... but it's just my wishful thinking.

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