As I look around, I see so much waste. People read about the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) but not many seem to do much about it. Even though it is mentioned in TV, advertised on the internet, bill boards, etc., the majority of people don't really seem to comprehend the fact that we live in a finite world and it will not be so long before we run out of resources. When we say "not be so long", I believe people shrug their shoulders, generally thinking some decades off in the future so there is plenty of time to handle problems later. We need to develop the ability NOW to think about the next generations. And when we think of environment, we have to think globally and try to understand the bigger picture.

I ran into the following video called "Story of Stuff" which first appeared in the internet in Dec 2007. Some may think that it is an exggeration. But after watching the video and putting everything in the perspective, I believe otherwise about that exaggeration part.



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