It seems like most people eat cornflakes and presume that cornflakes are cornflakes - all the same, whoever makes them.

Well, I'm here to tell you this is NOT the case.  We found out the hard way that even cornflakes can be poorly made.

My husband and I were at the Indian store getting other items when he saw cornflakes there.  Remembering the ones he had eaten in India as being just as good as the ones he had eaten in the US, he said "let's get these".  So we did.

But once I served up a bowl, we quickly realized that these flakes were closer to cardboard that food.  We tried soaking longer, tried using HOT milk, tried more frequently stirring while waiting even longer, all to no avail.  This stuff would just not soften up!  Finally, had to compost whatever remained after our experiments (we'll probably still see many of them in the ground months from now).

So, I'm sticking to flakes made here from now on.  The tea, however, will still be from India!

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