Wise Musings

The Olympics have begun.  Such excitement.  Such skill.  Such a level of competition.  Over 200 countries represented AND each one had at least one women competitor.  The USA team has MORE women than men!  Will be great to watch through these next couple of weeks as the various sports are played by the world's top atheletes.

I grew up as a daughter of military parents. My mother was naval reserve when she met my father who was in the army. After I was born she resigned, and my father went voluntary indefinite. I am old enough to have spent a year of my life crying myself to sleep every night from mid 1967 to mid 1968, begging God to send my father home safe from Vietnam. My father did return to us, but his easy smile and laugh were gone for many years.

Attended the "Water Showcase" recently, hosted by PG&E in San Francisco.  Quite the popular event as there was a good line of people waiting to get in before they opened the doors.

There were lots of exhibitors, showing how their wares would help save water or make watering your landscape easier or how solar heating of water can be setup.  And the presentations were also well attended.



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