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Over history, man has frequently given control of individuals lives to some power.  Kings, rajas, dictators, pundits, governments..... they all have or had some control over the individual and how that life will be lived.  Now we seem to have corporations that control our lives.  And on the global scale.

I just attended a one day class regarding zero net energy. Turns out there are at least four ways to define this. It can be as simple as getting your power bill to zero by feeding in enough on-site-produced energy to zero out what you use from the grid. OR you can be zero net energy if your produce enough on-site energy to cover the amount of fuel it actually takes to produce the off-site energy you use.

As I start testing out OpenCart, I ran into one issue. When a customer puts in a request for a return, no email is sent to alert the store admin or any one. So I started looking around for solutions and ran into couple of suggestions on OpenCart forum. Below are my variations which I am contributing to OpenCart community for free as this is not my original work.

Objective: Email alert sent on request for return

Step 1: Look for file


I have started playing with various open source e-commerce shopping cart systems available out there. I thought it would be good to document my experience as I go along. After Googling around, I ran into a page at Wikipedia which lists quite a few of them (both open source and paid). I will start working with some popular free ones in random order and compare them. It seems like osCommerce is used by a fairly large group. So I will get started with that and see how it goes.



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