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I have started playing with various open source e-commerce shopping cart systems available out there. I thought it would be good to document my experience as I go along. After Googling around, I ran into a page at Wikipedia which lists quite a few of them (both open source and paid). I will start working with some popular free ones in random order and compare them. It seems like osCommerce is used by a fairly large group. So I will get started with that and see how it goes.


Snapshots are a quick way to record memories in our lives. They remind us of exciting events, letting us relive those times. But they usually don't mean much to other people outside of the taker's family and close friends.

Photography is an art form; painting with light to draw out the feelings of a scene. A fine photograph conveys not only content but emotion. Who can deny the powerful effect of Ansel Adams' work (www.anseladams.com)?

One of my hobbies is to develop websites and I have ended up developing quite a few of them. Time has come when it is necessary to regularly back up the websites lest I run into issues should something goes wrong with the web host. Cron jobs help back up websites (including databases) fairly easily. But I ran into AJAX error issue when I went to set up cron through cPanel.


When I was younger, I often heard about elders experiencing a slow decline in health.  Well, it seems that health does not follow a predictable smooth graph downward.  When I was 30, my younger doctor already started blaming "aging" for some health issues I was having.  Say what?  But then, I started feeling better again AND I changed doctors!  But is that right that you hit your health peak in your 20s and there is no real plateau before slipping downward?



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