Wise Musings

So.... remember the slogans 'a chicken in every pot', 'a car in every backyard'? Well, why not "solar panels on every roof"???? Obviously in real life, these may not be possible for EVERY situation.  But why not strive for such regarding solar panels? Why not require it for every roof of either homes or businesses where it is feasible to produce electricity and hot water?

The nephew has been impressed with Miss Kitty ever since I told him about her. So he's been wanting to meet a live kitty and make friends. Well, someone just moved into our neighborhood with a very friendly, laid-back black and white cat.  We don't know exactly who she belongs to (or more accurately, which humans she commands) but she likes our backyard (probably the combo of shade, some bare ground, the vegetable plants with the cool earth around them and the jungle of weeds that love our well-composted soil). I also talk with her and give her rubs whenever I'm out there and she comes over.  So when the nephew came visiting recently, he got to meet my new friend.

So the nephew has been hoping to stay overnight here for a while now (without his Mom and Dad around). But Mom and Dad have been hesitant. They worry he'll not like waking up in a "new" environment or that he'll get sick while away from them. But we all discussed it and figured 5 years old is old enough to sleep at a house he's been in many times with people who have slept with him in his house many times. So....



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