"Come over and we'll go dancing in the park." So the nephew came last Thursday so we could all go to the free music in the park thing in our town. It's quite the gathering with over 1000 people coming each Thursday night in the summer. For some, it's a full picnic time while others get there just after work to unwind and visit. And the band plays around two hours while lots of people dance.

So we parked and walked over. As we got closer and closer, the music really picked up. It is quite loud once we in the crowd and on the dance floor. But people really get into it. All ages, races, shapes.... just all enjoying life. We worked our way into the dancing group and started hopping around but short stuff did not want to be put down. I don't blame him. With all those big people jumping around, I wouldn't want to be half their height and on the floor either. So uncle holds him and I take his hands and we all dance. But after just a minute or two, it was obvious that it was all just a bit too much for him. He was happy to be with us but not so thrilled withe the noise levels and throng of people. So one dance and we left the crowd. Sat on the lawn for a short time but it was still not so much fun with lots of people around. It was time to walk away from the gathering. Once he was free from the crowd, he lit up, wanting to run down the sidewalk as fast as he could. "Let's race." Oh boy, I thought, as I wondered if my bum ankle could keep up with him. At least he does know to stop at the corner and not enter the street. But I did want to keep sight of him at all times so it was a little challenging. At one point, he, then I, went running by someone I hadn't seen in a while. Normally, I would have stopped and chatted but this time it was just "Oh hi.... How are you? Take care.... bye" as I kept running.

We finally slowed down and went into the local coffee shop. He got a chocolate eclair but after just two bites, he decided he just wanted to pick off the chocolate coating and eat that. Then we played hide and seek around the sofa in the place. He was very entertaining to another group of patrons. After a while, he stopped popping around and we were talking. By that time, most others in the place had left as it was to close soon. Then he suddenly said "Shutup!". What? I immediately told him that was a bad thing to say to me and showed him I was offended. Of course at this age, he still does not get the concept of saying sorry unless someone pushes him to do so. Instead, he gets upset and puts on a tantrum. But I did not back down by letting the shutup thing slide. So we had to carry him out as he wailed away. Finally, he leans against me, crying. We walk away without me giving in and he then calms down and decides he can race again. So we're back on good terms. But I don't think he'll be saying that word to me again too soon.

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