Do you have a best friend? If so, who? Some say it's their spouse. For others, someone from college. For me, it is my best friend from FIRST GRADE!!! And that was a while back......

Somehow, we were drawn to each other back then and became fast friends. But our parents did not really know each other so we only saw one another at school. That was fine though. We usually sat near each other in class if we could. And at recess, out together for whatever we would do then. I still have a few pictures taken with my first camera of the two of us standing shying together for the shot.

All through our school years, we were together. We would visit each others homes from time to time. But we both had chores to do when we were home after school so did not really do the girl talk thing over the phone much (Ha..... it was before omnipresent cell phones!!!).

Then came college. We went in different directions then but still stayed fairly close. The first years of college were all local to home so we could keep in touch easily. Then I went off to another college. Had to find an apartment so she came with me to check them out.

While I was away, she found a guy and they got engaged. She came to my college town to tell me about it. It was so great. We went out to the stores just to look around and ended up finding a perfect summer dress on sale that became her wedding dress! But her wedding was to be in November. So we went to the fabric store and found material to match the dress (including some eyelet edging) and got a pattern for a bolero jacket. Then she had to go back home and get back to work. So I started scoping out the sewing project and realized that we had not taken measurements to match the pattern to her! She had to go visit my Mom who measured as I guided her on the phone. I just had to hope that the measurements were done right (my Mother was never a sewing person). Got the jacket done just in time to take it with me a few days before the wedding. Held my breath as she tried it on and it fit perfectly! Phew!

Now so many years later and she in a different state, we are still best friends who love each other so much. We may not communicate often (even with all the easier methods available these days) but we are in each others hearts and that's what really matters.

So who is your best friend?

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