The other day, I was in Safeway where, of all places, I saw these various stuffed animals.  They are squarish with a head along one side and each corner has the legs/feet.  Then on their sides, they have velcro pieces so you can fold them in half and keep it together to form a pillow.  The nephew has one that is a dinosaur.  He has lots of other normal stuffed animals with which we play all sorts of make-believe.

One of his favorite things these days is to tickle their noses and "make them sneeze".  I do the long, drawn out ah... ahh.... ahhhhhcchoooooooo.  He has great fun with that and goes on for a long time getting all the animals to sneeze. But, with all those stuff animals he has no elephants.  I have been telling him for months now that he needs to get an elephant.

Well, one of the animals at Safeway was a pink elephant.  I looked at it more closely and saw that it had one of those tags that says squeeze here.  It was on the trunk.  So I figured it would make the elephant roar.  I tried it.  The roar started but then it broke into the ahhh.... ahhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhooooooooooooo!  Boy did that make me laugh.  So I said "you're coming with me.  I have a 5 year old who's going to have great fun meeting you!"

When the nephew had his first sleep over at our place, Pinky was there in bed with us, waiting for him to wake up that morning.  He was curious about the new friend who had been "sniffing" him for the last hour.  And then I squeezed the trunk when he wasn't exactly looking.  Boy was it great to see his reaction when he realized it was sneezing just like we always do.  So Pinky proceeded to sneeze on us for most the rest of the day when we were in the house.  "Yuck" and "eewwwww" we'd exclaim and he would uncontrollably giggle as 5 year olds do.  I predict that the battery will be worn down in Pinky's nose in just a few weeks if not days.....  Tissue anyone?

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