Wise Musings

"Come over and we'll go dancing in the park." So the nephew came last Thursday so we could all go to the free music in the park thing in our town. It's quite the gathering with over 1000 people coming each Thursday night in the summer. For some, it's a full picnic time while others get there just after work to unwind and visit. And the band plays around two hours while lots of people dance.

"Look at me!" and JUMP.... off the table and onto the floor. So this is why the birthday party was held at a pizza and minature golf establishment, so the five year old and his friends could leap off tables??? Hhhmmmmmm.... Good thing there is carpet on that floor. Racing up and down the eating hall and goofing around the tables helped work up the appetite for the pizza and salad and fruits and cake. And there seemed to be plenty of balloons for those who wanted to take one home. So it was all good.

"I love Miss Kitty" says the nephew. And he lovingly looks at her picture on my cell phone. Now Miss Kitty died before the nephew was born. So why does he say this? He only knows of Miss Kitty through me and what I have told him about her. But we have discussed how much I loved her and how sweet she was. So he has concluded that since I also love him (I have told him this on most every visit with him), and Miss Kitty loved me that she would love him too. He tells his Mom and Dad about Miss Kitty.



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