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I'm all for Proposition 37. It will require some foods to be labeled if they contain genetically modified material. We need to know what we are putting into our bodies. That should not be up to companies like Monsanto to decide. As it is, such companies got this stuff out into the food chain with no clearance from anyone. Our government was all "uh.... well... OK... since we're already stuck with it, we'll allow it to continue.....". Hello??? Just because someone thought this up and then created it in the lab does not automatically mean we should just accept it, no questions asked!

As I look around, I see so much waste. People read about the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) but not many seem to do much about it. Even though it is mentioned in TV, advertised on the internet, bill boards, etc., the majority of people don't really seem to comprehend the fact that we live in a finite world and it will not be so long before we run out of resources. When we say "not be so long", I believe people shrug their shoulders, generally thinking some decades off in the future so there is plenty of time to handle problems later.

It seems like most people eat cornflakes and presume that cornflakes are cornflakes - all the same, whoever makes them.

Well, I'm here to tell you this is NOT the case.  We found out the hard way that even cornflakes can be poorly made.

My husband and I were at the Indian store getting other items when he saw cornflakes there.  Remembering the ones he had eaten in India as being just as good as the ones he had eaten in the US, he said "let's get these".  So we did.

MANILA, Philippines - Globe Telecom Inc. saw its consolidated net income drop by 10% to P2.7 billion in the first quarter of 2012, as the telecommunications company continued to make significant investments in subscriber acquisitions and network infrastructure.

Globe's profits declined even as its first quarter consolidated service revenues hit an all-time high of P20.2 billion, 6% higher than last year's P19.1 billion. This was attributed to sustained growth in Globe's mobile, broadband and fixed line segments.



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