Wise Musings

Attended the "Water Showcase" recently, hosted by PG&E in San Francisco.  Quite the popular event as there was a good line of people waiting to get in before they opened the doors.

There were lots of exhibitors, showing how their wares would help save water or make watering your landscape easier or how solar heating of water can be setup.  And the presentations were also well attended.

Why do we have lawns?  In much of the USA, it is expected that homes shall be landscaped with lawns in front and back.  The idea of lawns seems to come from royal estates in Europe that had the money and manpower and acreage to contain large expanses of manicured grass. It was a place to relax or sometimes march army squads for review and inspection or maybe it was a hunting green or play area.  Large lawn space also became popular as common grounds for other formal and informal gatherings; to have political discourse or hear music or enjoy picnics.

When I was growing up, it seemed like the weather was usually pretty predictable; rain would start coming in late September or in October, then be off an on until April.  It would fill the reservoirs in the area and leave plenty of snow pack in the Sierras.  The spring and fall would be mild with warm to hot days in the summer.  What I really liked in the summer was the morning fog that had been pulled in from the ocean by the heat of the previous day.  That heat was usually farther inland so that our farm was right in between the breezy coastline and the hot inner valleys of California.  T



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